Review: No 7 Stay Perfect Nail Colour in ‘Tangy’


‘Tangy’ Stay Perfect Nail Colour by No 7 (Boots’ own brand)

This colour has been selling like hot cakes in my store this Summer, and it’s not hard to see why – it’s the perfect vibrant shade for the sunny weather. A gorgeous blood orange/coral colour which applies smoothly and doesn’t chip easily.

I LOVE wearing oranges in the Summer, so this is high on my list of favourite polishes. It’s more expensive than most of the polishes I buy, and I only came across it as it was in my Mum’s polish box (I might have nicked it a little bit ;P) and I liked it so much that I had to go on an epic internet search to replace it once it ran out – the colour of the shade had rubbed off the bottle so I had to a bit of investigating to find the correct colour! It was well worth it though, and I was able to find it much cheaper than Boots’ retail price on Ebay.

The polish applies very nicely, although it is a little on the watery side – you definitely need at least two coats to get an opaque finish. You may want to stretch to three coats to really see that reddish sheen in the color though. It’s nice and glossy even before adding the top coat and looks like a professional colour with one. It nicely durable too, it doesn’t chip too easily or peel off like I’ve been finding with a few of my polishes recently.

If you can find this on Ebay it’s very reasonable. It’s not super-expensive if you go buy it in store, but I always love a bargain! It’s a colour that you’ll struggle to find with any other brand – I certainly haven’t found any similar corals on my various travels in the cosmetics aisle; most corals tend to be on the lighter, peachy side. It is a gorgeous, rich colour and worth paying a little extra for due to its novelty.



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Review: Sonic Blue by Collection

Sonic Blue

Sonic Blue by Collection

I absolutely adore this colour! I went out specifically to find a vibrant blue for a nail design I had in mind and I came across this little gem for the more than reasonable price of £1.99. Although this is a small bottle, only 8ml, the quality of this polish is exceptional for the thrifty price tag. The polish goes on very smoothly, and you only need a couple of thin coats to get a nice opaque finish. Not needing to apply much makes up a little for the small amount in the bottle, but you do need to be careful not to overload your brush as the solution is fairly thin and you can end up putting a huge blob of varnish on if you’re not careful!

The biggest downside is the shape of the bottle, which will make it difficult to get the last few drops out when the polish starts running out. I always keep a couple of leftover top coat bottles about for this problem, as you can pour the varnish in and get those last bits. The shape of the brush is very nice, it’s quite wide and apart from my thumb nail, I would apply the colour in a single stroke, so you can get a nice neat line. That’s not so good if you want to use the polish to do fine details or patterns, so you’ll want to keep a nail art brush on hand in that case.

As I’ve said before the colour itself is amazing – it’s very aptly named ‘Sonic Blue’ and is a lovely vibrant royal blue that goes beautifully with gold. The polish seems fairly durable; I’ve had it on a few days now and not a chip in sight. The colour is glossy enough on its own but a nice top coat really gives it that extra ‘wow’ factor. As the days get sunnier this polish just seems the perfect Summer colour to wear down by the pool or at the beach, or at least as you sun yourself in your garden! Although this blue is a very cool tone, don’t be afraid to go for it if you’re on the pale side – the bright shade really pops on pale skin (as you can see on my own pasty white hands!) and the complementary shade will also make a tan seem richer, so it’s a good all-rounder for almost any skin tone – it will make red skin tones look even pinker though.

This is an absolute must-buy in my opinion – it’s a gorgeous colour, it’s durable, easy to apply and cheap as chips – I’ll be keeping an eye on Collection in future for some more thrifty finds!

Choose Your Own

I’ve been a busy bee today making swatches of all my base colours so that I can offer custom nail sets in my shop – all you have to do is choose the colour you want and I’ll make the set! I have glitters and metallics as well as the usual plain colours – take a look by following the link below 🙂

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I’ve recently been filling a custom order made by a bride-to-be who’s getting ready for her Moroccan wedding – what do you think of these toe nail sets I’ve made for her? 🙂

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Gold Glitter II

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